Reviving a Frozen Cat

Friend and regular reader B., who lives in Syracuse, sent word that her hometown is leading the annual Golden Snowball Contest among Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, Albany and Buffalo with 55 inches of snow to date. The actual temperature in Syracuse is 7 degrees — close to Rochester’s 5 degrees — but the wind chill has temps at 20-30 degrees below zero. The wind chill is what you actually feel when outside, not what the thermometer reads.

A more interesting factoid was the revival of a cat that had frozen to a fence and had to be cut off by rescue workers. The animal was taken to a shelter, thawed out and warmed up, and miraculously survived.

Both Syracuse and Rochester have their share of homeless people, many of whom resist going to shelters even in conditions like this, and I can’t help but wonder how they are surviving.

9 thoughts on “Reviving a Frozen Cat

  1. This used to be called the “Thruway snow contest,” with Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse all being along west/central part of the NY State Thruway. Later Albany was added. Binghamton is not on the Thruway, but just change the name and anyone can get in the race!

  2. Hang on Rochester and Syracuse…sending warmer weather your way. Our part of Iowa is seeing the 30’s today and the 40’s by mid week. A short reprieve is coming.

  3. for Phyllis: What we can all be assured is that there’s a lot of snow along that corridor and in upstate New York. I have to say I don’t miss navigating all that snow and especially the very cold temps.

  4. Thank you, Joyce! We hope it ebbs south, too. We’ve had a full week of remnants of snow and ice on the driveway. Sunny but still in the 30’s daytime.
    Bring on the warm!

  5. for Phyllis: Wondering how the dog likes going out in such cold weather? Bob is not a fan of pooping in the snow.

  6. Mattie is OK with cold, but did not like the ice on our driveway which finally melted yesterday. She did not care for the 4-6 in of snow we had in PA. When younger she had fun in snow, but being arthritic she had difficulty walking in it. Today at 9:30 AM EST it is 52 degrees. Hooray!

  7. for Phyllis: Bob used to like snow too — but no more. I think as they become arthritic, maybe they sense their balance threatened by snow and ice. Glad you’re warming up!

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