Donating Your Face

Most of us are aware that the possibility of donating organs upon our death gives a new lease on life to people suffering terribly debilitating conditions. I’m not sure what use my 72 year old organs might be, but I’ve indicated on my driver’s license that I’m willing to be a donor should the circumstances of my death allow.

I just read an article about the possibility of donating your whole face — typically to people caught in fires whose faces have melted, or to random unlucky souls like the woman who was attacked by a chimp, Travis, thought to be the pet of the woman who owned him. Your family gets a high tech 3-D printed reproduction that serves to make you look more or less like yourself and allows for an open casket.

While the ick factor of donating your face feels pretty high, I’m not sure it’s much different from donating an organ from inside your body. I’m not rushing to do it, although I have enormous sympathy for people trying to get through life without a functioning face. How about you? Would you do it?

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