East Coast Got Clobbered!

On Friday my former home town of Rochester, NY, was 5 degrees — that’s cold by any standard, and especially if there is any wind to add a wind chill factor.

Boston is socked in and frigid. Ditto for coastal Maine, all places where I have family. And Toms River, New Jersey, close to the ocean and therefore milder and typically snow-free, looks like this. Brother-in-law Ron did all the shoveling, and in addition to this walk, they have a long driveway.

Seattle has had a nicer winter than normal, less rain and fairly mild. It’s raining today and 49 degrees, but we’ve had plenty of sun. Tables typically stay out through the winter at the multitude of coffee houses, and on a mild day, people often sit out in their winter gear and sip hot drinks.

I love the hush and stillness of a big snow, as long as the heat stays on. But after a few days, getting around in this — especially when other drivers forget their snow skills or winter driving manners — becomes a pain. And 5 degrees is cold, cold, cold. No fun at all.

2 thoughts on “East Coast Got Clobbered!

  1. My current Outback (yes, I’ve changed cars… again) has a heated steering wheel. This is my first winter with it, and after the past couple weeks I’ve decided it may be one of the greatest in-car inventions ever. I’m also grateful for my remote car starter and Hakkapeliitta snow tires. 😆

  2. for Ben: Mmmm, the heated steering wheel is a nice touch, as are the fancy snow tires. You’d laugh at the drivers here in Seattle, who have no idea how to navigate in 4 inches of sloppy wet snow. 🙂 I’m still driving the Forrester, although the guy in the next parking spot to mine in the apartment building where I live was selling his Porsche Macaan. Loved the car but couldn’t envision two carseats in the back.

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