Andrew Wyeth and Christina

The Andrew Wyeth traveling exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum is leaving soon, right after I leave for Panama. Louise and I went, she for the first time and I for the second, and the display gallery was packed with rapt visitors not wanting to miss out.

I took another photo of a Wyeth painting of Christina Olsen. Most of you probably know his iconic “Christina’s World”, which lives in New York. I think this portrait of Christina is easily as powerful.

Christina, who was Wyeth’s neighbor in Maine, had undiagnosed polio, which left her with withered limbs and without the use of her legs. I think you can see that here. In “Christina’s World” she is on the grass in a field in front of this house, leaning toward the sea, longing — one imagines — to move toward the water. Here she is more tranquil, in repose. At peace, do you think? I’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “Andrew Wyeth and Christina

  1. Friends who were recently in Seattle saw the Wyeth exhibit. They bought a 1000 piece puzzle of this painting……….and with the monotone shades it has proven difficult to do!

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