Where Do Americans Get Affordable Healthcare?

India, among other places.


This article about Americans without health care seeking affordable treatment in India reminds me of the two-tiered health care system in Panama. For those who can pay, there are private hospitals with many U.S. trained physicians providing excellent care. For those who can’t, there is the public system — where Minga is receiving dialysis. The two systems are worlds apart.

Panama has some influx of Americans looking for cheaper surgeries, but nothing like India, or Dubai — which is also making a big pitch for this market.

We actually have three broad swathes of people needing care in the U.S.: those who have health care coverage and get high quality albeit expensive treatment, those who can pay to go abroad to India or other places, and those who have neither option and simply die of what ails them.

Given that we all get sick or injured and need care at some point, it feels as if we should be able to do better than this.

The issue in India is whether the country uses the revenue from incoming foreign patients to improve the public system where the vast majority of Indians are treated. My guess is probably not.

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