East Coasters: Stay Warm; Stay Safe

Rochester used to have some monster storms, but it sounds as the the snow and wind and frigid temps that are hitting the east coast will be something for the record books. Stay warm and stay safe, east coasters, and let us know how you are doing.

8 thoughts on “East Coasters: Stay Warm; Stay Safe

  1. 1-2 inches of snow in Myrtle Beach area, but with ice underneath. Schools closed. Doctor/dentist offices cancelled appointments. Brookgreen closed. No mail yesterday. What makes a difference is that it has remained cold – 20’s at night, 30’s daytime – so there is no quick melt. We’re warm, tucked in, and enjoying the respite. But the TV crews are having fun posting all the accidents. And they gave out instructions on how to clean ice off your windshield. Glad I grew up in the north!

  2. Phyllis,
    Your posting on getting instructions for cleaning off your windshield made me chuckle. Here in Iowa the grocery store was packed Wednesday at 11:00. People were so happy it was 8 degrees above zero. Pretty balmy!

  3. At 4pm it;s still snowing! Over by 6, they say! The winds are fierce and creating unbelievable drifts. Ron out shoveling! I’m worried about him!

  4. for Phyllis: When the kids went to Tufts in Boston, they were amazed at the kids who had grown up in the south and had no idea how to drive in the snow. Living in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and finally in Rochester as we did had its merits.

  5. for Linda: Clearing snow when the wind blows it back into drifts is really frustrating. We used to wait until the blowing stopped and the snow settled.

  6. Schools in Rochester closed and many other things due to the windchill. -20 to -30 at times. However my fitness club was open so I got to go to work, along with my hubby. Criminals stay inside today and asleep while my hubby’s working so he can stay warm.

  7. for J: LOL at the criminals staying inside, but I’m sure you’re right! Are the kids old enough to stay home alone when you go to work and M. is gone too? I’m guessing they are.

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