Trump Fatigue

Trump exceeds any normal toddler’s rapacious need for attention; Trump revels in creating a daily, even hourly firestorm in which he is the center of the news cycle, for good or for ill. The tenor of the attention doesn’t seem to matter to him. In his world, all attention is good.

I find it tiresome. I used to read the Trump pronouncements, then all the fact-checking rebuttals. Now I simply scan the headline, assume that what Trump says is largely untrue and completely self-serving, and move on.

Jon Meacham has a Washington  Post piece in which he talks about the limits of Trump’s reality TV show world:

The most comforting line in the article is this: “And no show lasts forever.

The hardest thing for me as a grandmother is talking about Trump, when the topic comes up, with my grandchildren — mostly with Archie, who seems more politically aware. I generally believe that children should be taught to respect adults, and assume that all of us should respect the office of the president of the United States whether or not we like the person who occupies it. But I can’t go there with Trump. The best I can manage is this:”Sometimes even grownups make big mistakes, and our country made a big mistake in the last election and chose a very bad man. The way we fix mistakes is with new elections. Now we have to focus on electing good people, to replace the bad guys.”

I always refer to President Obama with his title, and the same for President Bush. I call Trump, Trump, no title. That may be disrespecting the millions of voters who put this vain narcissistic serial abuser of women in office, but I can live with that.

7 thoughts on “Trump Fatigue

  1. That tweet storm yesterday AM was a disgusting, off the wall rant. I’m going to try to ignore him for a while.

  2. for Phyllis: Disgusting. He is an angry old man who blurts out whatever is on his mind after watching hours of Fox news. How will we withstand three more years of this?

  3. I’m just shocked that it is still allowed. So controversial especially with the latest stance for women and male egotistical olden days being looked at more seriously. It shocks me he still gets away with tweeting and speaking. Ugh.

  4. I was listening to a list of Barack Obama’s favorite books for 2017. They are such powerful books. I can’t imagine asking Trump what his favorite reads list might be.

  5. for J: Me too. You know that in most workplaces today, he’d be out the door. But it’s excused, because he somehow got elected president.

  6. for Joyce: Apparently he doesn’t read at all. I think he’s a very limited person intellectually — cunning about self promotion, but not smart.

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