Rochester Winter Wonderland

Thanks to Linda W. for sending Rochester Winter Wonderland pics. These are for all former Rochesterians who still have great memories of the time we spent there. Phyllis and Ada, that means you!


My grandkids made a whole morning’s fun out of Seattle’s 4-5 inches of Christmas day snow. Imagine what they’d do with this! Winter day, Rochester, N.Y.

Remembering our time there, I’ll tell you it makes a BIG difference if you don’t have to shovel this stuff yourself. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Rochester Winter Wonderland

  1. White. Serene. Beautiful…….But photos and an annual trip to PA in winter are now enough for me. Nostalgically, I do remember the days when adults had “snow days” too. One year Rochester was shut down for several days – an “everyone off the roads unless you are essential” order. Most offices were closed, medical personnel were taken to work by the national guard, and life came to a standstill. I had two wonderful days at home to enjoy the beauty and do what I wished. Not possible in the south!

  2. Loved looking at the pictures and loved it that in Deep Creek we had 8″ of snow on Christmas Eve and about the same the next night. However, I am no longer enamored of being out in it. Okay to look, but give me a warm fire and a good book and I’m in for the duration 🙂

  3. for Phyllis: There is something lovely about the quiet of a big snowstorm, when everyone is off the roads. But then the snow stops, the scraping of the plows starts, and you have to get out again and resume life. I don’t miss that part at all.

  4. for J: Wondering if Rochester is going to be hit by that big storm and cold spell that is coming up the coast? I know it’s been cold already, but in some places about to get a lot colder.

  5. for J: I like the early hours of a big storm, when everyone is safe inside, the heat stays on, I have something that smells good cooking on the stove, and all outside is quiet and still because traffic has stopped.But then the hard part takes over — getting around in the snow, having the kids get cabin fever because they can’t get out, and a whopping bill for the heat that month. Our house on San Gabriel Drive was old and had terrible insulation — our heating bills in the dead of winter would choke a horse.

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