Blog for 2017: Stats

I began writing the blog in 2009, on a trip to Panama, and have been writing ever since. I have 488 followers, readers that have signed up to be notified each time I write a post. Not all of the followers come to the site every day, or even most days. I average about 200 page clicks a day. This year my total page views were 80,208 — down a bit from 2015 and 2016, but still a healthy number and one that keeps me motivated to write.

I’ve written 9,399 posts since starting to write, and have had 542,161 total page views by 63,442 readers.

I have a core of loyal readers who come every day. Many comment, either directly on the blog or to me personally via email. I’m appreciative of everyone who comes to the site, even to read a single post. I am most deeply appreciative of my loyal cadre of daily readers. You are truly the community that supports my writing life. You contribute greatly to my happiness and satisfaction as I move through the decade of my 70’s.

One of the really interesting things to me is that people find my blog from all over the world. Top readership comes from the U.S. and Panama, but there is a long list of countries from whom at least one reader has checked in. Tomorrow I’ll provide the full list. 🙂 The top ten countries from whom readers come are: U.S., Panama, U.K., Germany, Canada, India, Turkey, Australia, France and Italy.

WordPress reports stats on a daily basis; I check the stats regularly. Part of that is curiosity. Part is that I’m a metrics kind of person. I write for my own satisfaction, but I also write to reach people. to engage, to share ideas and thoughts. It matters to me that someone out there is listening, reading, responding. The stats are a tangible confirmation that my words are connecting, and not simply dissipating in thin air.

More on 2017 stats tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Blog for 2017: Stats

  1. fascinating stats! Connecting all over the world! I connect with my 2nd Lang students from all over the world. However, this month I caught a dreadful “bug” when I worked with 2 students to prep for their final. Then I gave it to Larry. . I am thankful to be over it now! Happy New Year!

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