Trump, Nikki Haley, and Jerusalem

I fervently wish Nikki Haley would stop claiming she speaks for “the American people” when she blusters and threatens her colleagues at the UN like a mob character from the Sopranos. She speaks for Trump, and his hard right white Christian base, and not for the majority of Americans.

Haley is fortunate that her Indian American Sikh heritage left her with light skin; Trump’s base isn’t fond of brown people. She’s also fortunate that her parents came to this country during the era when talented, hard working immigrants were a central part of the American story. No longer, at least for The Base.

The New Yorker has an interesting piece by a Palestinian lawyer on what the motivations behind Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, so belligerently defended by Haley, might be.

My sense is that the U.S. role as impartial arbiter is dead, as is hope for a two state solution. I think the Palestinians, and their supporters, should call for a single state with equal voting rights for all, the same right of return for Palestinians that Jews have long enjoyed, and for good measure, a return to the ancestral name of this land: Palestine.

Anything short of that means Israel will have to exert relentless military control over a population of Palestinians that roughly equals the number of Jews in the region. If that doesn’t fit the definition of apartheid, I don’t know what does. I used to be a firm supporter of Israel, but the country that exists today is a far cry from the post-World War II  Israel that earned our respect and admiration.

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