Sometimes I see things that I’d love to take a picture of, but can’t out of respect for someone’s privacy. While eating breakfast at my favorite neighborhood diner, I looked up from the menu at the table across from me, and thought I was seeing double. Two men in their 40’s, clearly identical twins, dressed in the identically same clothes, and with a bald spot in the same place on their heads, were facing each other over the small table. Same long-ish haircuts. They were even eating the same thing for breakfast. When they got up to go, they put on identical jackets and earmuffs — it’s cold in Seattle right now.

I’ve known a few sets of twins in my life, most of whom gave up the matching clothing thing as soon as they were able to pick out their own outfits. I think clothing is a sign of a deeper decision in terms of how people manage twin-ness. These guys, clearly, are all in. I’ve literally never seen two adults who were such mirror images of each other. Out of simple curiosity I wonder if they carry through the mirror imagery in the rest of their lives, but I’ll never know. They finished their breakfasts before I did, and left. Together.

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