Language: The Last Speaker

Amadeo Garcia Garcia, according to a NY Times Op Doc filmed by journalist Nick Casey, is the last person to speak the Taushiro language. Mr. Garcia Garcia lives in the Amazon jungle of Peru, in a village called Intuto. He last spoke Taushiro in his home village with his brother, who died and is buried somewhere in an overgrown field, the simple cross marking his grave long gone. The rest of their people have also died. Now Amadeo Garcia Garcia is the only one left. When he dies, the language, the customs and culture of the Taushiro people, will be lost.

He also speaks Spanish, and that’s how he communicates with those now around him, and with the visiting journalist. But he says he dreams in Taushiro.

He is a lonely man.

Language is fundamental to who we are, how we formulate thoughts, how we communicate them. I find it terribly poignant to be the last speaker of a language, the one whom no one now alive can understand.

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