Getting to Know Seattle: The Whiskey Bar

Louise gets the print Seattle Times, and there was a write-up on a Belltown bar named Rob Roy, which has some notable holiday cocktails. She enjoys mixed drinks and wanted to go; Jerry and Midge, who are staying downtown, were interested in joining. We decided to get there early, knowing the bar would be crowded after all the free publicity.

At 4:45pm, having opened at 4pm, the place was full and there was a line of about 15 people waiting outside for space to open up. This is a BAR, for heaven’s sake. I wouldn’t wait that long for the best restaurant in town.

We headed up 2nd Ave, passing up the truly dive bars with the biker boys and babes outside, and settled on The Whiskey Bar, where we snagged a booth and a server who really knew his extensive stock and how to whip up any cocktail on request.

The drinks menu offered pages of singles malts, categorized by region. I chose a Laphroig 10 year, in all its peaty and mineral-y excess. Louise, Jerry, and Midge had perfect Manhattans — and pronounced them perfectly mixed.  We had some bar food, and really enjoyed being together.

Seattle is a young city, so we were 30-40 years older than most of the celebratory holiday clientele. We don’t mind, and it seems as if they don’t either. 🙂

Ben’s parents Jerry [Jurgen} and Midge.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: The Whiskey Bar

  1. The real Rob Roy was a MacGregor (Scottish highlands clan). Our MacGregor forebear left Europe for the new world in 1682. Rob Roy was 11 at the time. Likely they knew each other since they were clansmen.

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