Democrats and Republicans

The Washington Post has the top two Democrats likely to be the nominee for president in 2020 as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. I hope not. Too old, both, and too polarizing — Bernie — or too dated — Joe. As I said in an earlier post when I saw Biden here in Seattle, his stories of wisdom gained around the kitchen table in Scranton just don’t do it any more. Bernie’s economic policies, while popular with the young, never made sense.

The New York Times has a piece by Michelle Goldberg reflecting on the same topic I wrote about in an earlier post: why are Republicans like Pence and Hatch and Corker falling into line as sycophants-in-chief for Trump.

“For the past year, a lot of us have assumed that Republicans are putting up with Trump out of fear of their base or lust for tax cuts. We’ve imagined that beneath our mutual partisan loathing lies some remaining shared commitment to liberal democracy. Maybe that’s true, and Republicans will display new independence once tax reform is signed, particularly if support for the president keeps dwindling.

But there’s another possibility, which is that a critical mass of Republicans like being in thrall to a man who seems strong enough to will his own reality, and bold enough to voice their atavistic hatreds. Maybe Trump is changing Republicans, or maybe he’s just giving men like Pence permission to be who they already were.”

It’s going to be an interesting new year.

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