Conscious Aging: “My Favorite Things”

The Sound of Music was on TV the other night; the film is 52 years old. Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews are Very Young — ah, the memories. I saw the film with Charles, my then boyfriend; I was a sophomore in college. The film is quite long, and seeing it on TV with ads made it interminable. I planned to watch just the beginning, but got hooked and watched through to the very end.

Many of the songs have become iconic, including, of course, “My Favorite Things”. The song has been playing over and over in my mind for several days, prompting me to think of the simple things in life that I call favorites — things that make life good. Here they are in no particular order:

A hot shower after a hard workout. Professional athletes use ice water to relieve pain and lactic acid buildup — there are pics of Tour de France riders sitting in tubs of water and ice cubes. Not for me. Hot water soothes the body and soul — even if the effect is more in my mind than physiological.

That first cup of strong black coffee in the morning. I am getting ready to switch modes to Panamanian coffee, which is a half cup of espresso-strength black coffee, then warm milk to the top, then a couple of spoons of sugar. Friend Jane calls it “dessert coffee”. Gloria knows there is such a thing as “Americano”, but she doesn’t make it. When in Panama I do as the Panamanians do — dessert coffee all the way.

The look on Archie and Else’s faces when they see me and cry out “Grammie!”

Seeing a perfect rose in the dead of winter in Karen’s garden.

Having a friend say, “Would you like to…”.

Knowing that my visit to Panama last month brought strength to Minga as she lives out her ordeal of dialysis.

I’m sure this isn’t a whole list, but you get the idea. Do you have some favorite things like this?

5 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: “My Favorite Things”

  1. I, too, only planned to watch the beginning, but stayed through the end.
    The smell of freshly cut grass.
    Watching the first snowfall out the window, peaceful and quiet, accumulating many inches – before it turns dirty.
    The smell of burning leaves in the fall (no more!)
    The sound of rain on the roof, as I am falling asleep.
    Lying on the grass watching the clouds.
    Flying in to Grand Cayman as the beautiful blue/green sea appears.
    A text from one of my adult grandchildren that says, “I love you, Nana”
    The hugs from the younger ones when I attend one of their concerts.
    “These are a few of my favorite things.”

  2. The first snowfall…coming tonight or tomorrow..just in time !
    Road trips with Ray
    Thanksgiving weekend with families
    The first sign of daffodils or tulips popping through the ground

  3. for Ada and Joyce: Perhaps this is why the song became so iconic — we all have our favorite things. The favorites you both mention are favorites of mine too, in large measure. Ada, I used to love the smell of fall leaves burning — but you’re right, no more.

  4. I’m going to be an iconoclast here. I find that song to be one of the MOST annoying in my entire memory of pop songs. Even though I have visited Salzburg and been shown where the “Hills are alive…,” I have never watched the entire Sound of Music and you would have to hand-cuff me to a chair and prop my eyes open to watch it! I know! Blasphemy! Nevertheless, out of respect for the estimable blogger who started this conversation, I will share some personal “favorites.”
    Watching the sunset from my living room window and grabbing my iPhone camera. Waking at 2 a.m and seeing the full-moon-light streaming into my bedroom. An icy-cold Tito’s martini decorated with a delicately curled sliver of lemon peel. Oh, and a friend who says, “Sure,” when I say, “Would you like to….”

  5. for Louise: LOL. You’ve NEVER watched the Sound of Music all the way through? I can hardly imagine. 🙂 Even so, you came up with a pretty good list of faves. I like having you as a friend too.

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