Politics 2017: Saying the Truth

It seems important to me, when self-serving mendacity has taken over the political culture, to state and re-state the truth.

The tax bill is not a boon for the middle class. It’s a huge give-away to corporations already flush with cash, to uber wealthy Republican donors, and to the top 1%. The bill stacks the deck even more on the side of the haves, and viciously kicks the have-nots off the ladder entirely. Paul Ryan, who’s been trying to do this for years, should be ashamed.

Trump is not one of the greatest presidents to attain the office. He’s a self-serving, vindictive, emotionally limited and money grubbing huckster. I used to think politicians like Orin Hatch and Bob Corker, Republicans with whom I disagreed on policy, had integrity and looked to the country’s interests. Read their statements praising Trump, and award them membership into the sycophants’ club.

Susan Collins doesn’t want us to think she was duped by Mitch McConnell to vote for the tax bill. I’ll grant her that. What we should think is that she was looking for political cover to go along with her Republican colleagues on a bill she knows perfectly well will harm her constituents, and when she got it, she caved. So much for the term “Republican moderate”.

Bob Mueller isn’t compromised. Right wing media and Republican in Congress trying hard to damage Mueller’s integrity are. They could care less about destroying the public’s trust in the justice system and in the FBI, as long as they give political cover to Trump.

Trump’s new idea about separating children from their parents as they attempt to cross the border illegally isn’t strong and protective of American sovereignty; it’s cruel. Is this who we are as Americans, that we sanction creating unbearable trauma for frightened children by grabbing them away from their parents? It’s not who I am.

The ACA isn’t imploding, or failing; sign-ups are almost equal to last year’s, even with a shortened enrollment period and almost no advertising. People want health care. Surprise, surprise.

I could go on and on, but I want to leave room for your most important statements of truth. What would you like to lift up from the scrum of falsehood, innuendo, and distraction that has become the norm in our daily discourse?

4 thoughts on “Politics 2017: Saying the Truth

  1. for J: Don’t you feel sorry for that boy of his, Barron? Seems like the kid has no life. Trump surely isn’t interested in him one iota.

  2. Not really. Seems like he may be a momas boy and she seems to keep him out of the public eye well. I give her credit for that. Seems like the 2 of them were along for the ride and thought like many of us that Trump would not win. Now they are stuck with it and it aolorpears as if they are both hiding from it.
    I would too.

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