Getting to Know Seattle: Ugly Produce

When you think about it, fruits and vegetables don’t grow naturally in the perfect shapes and sizes and colors that we find in high end grocery stores. The perfection we see in the produce department means that lots of perfectly edible and nutritious food gets rejected just because it looks ugly.

Enter “Ugly Produce”, an effort here in Seattle — and perhaps other places too — to harvest and deliver fruits and vegetables that don’t make the cut for supermarket standards. The produce gets delivered weekly to your home at a sharply discounted cost, and you get to customize your box so that you don’t wind up with things you’d never remotely eat. I think it’s a great idea.

They had a promotional display at Green Lake, and I snagged a coupon — which I sent along to Sara.

12 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Ugly Produce

  1. for Katie: I think it’s a great idea. If you think about the home gardens a lot of people used to have, no one threw out the misshapen fruits and veggies. We ate it all.

  2. At our local farmers market most stands have a box of reduced priced goods, some with bruises or funny shapes. If I am going to make stewed tomatoes for instance I could care less what the tomatoes look like.

    Wishing you all a fun Christmas. Hope you and Archie hear Santa on the roof…you from the bottom bunk.πŸ˜€

  3. Ugly fruit ? Haaaaa ridiculous.
    A stand and everything with a coupon? Who the heck cares? Buy it for what it tastes like and makes your meals taste like…..hmm.

  4. for Ben: The produce tastes just fine — that’s the point. πŸ™‚ It just looks gnarly or misshapen or whatever. We’ve become far too accustomed to perfect looking produce — doesn’t occur that way in nature.

  5. for Joyce: Fun to have little ones who still believe. And I agree with you re cooking fruits and veggies — as long as they are fresh and nutritious, who cares what they look like?

  6. for J: I have friends who do it and they are very pleased — get a big box every week for a fraction of what you spend at the supermarket. Has K. hit that adolescent boy constantly starving thing yet? We went through a period where Matt would get up from dinner, and half an hour later he’d be in the kitchen warming up a whole can of chunky soup because he was starving. Didn’t gain weight either.

  7. Oh yes. They both eat us “out of house and home” as they say. But they are picking, even though I’m always saying “habpve a fruit or vegetable if your still hungry” they argue. But eventually we all win, fruits and veggies and they get their extra.

  8. for J: You have two active ones as well, just like Archie and Else. Not much sitting around with this crew. They all work up an appetite.

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