Getting to Know Seattle: More Pressure on Retail

Ragazzi’s Flying Shuttle was owned by the Ragazzi sisters, and operated in Pioneer Square for many years. “Flying shuttle” referred to the shuttle on a weaving loom — their mid-high end women’s clothing was heavy on distinctively woven jackets, scarves, vests, that went  over a large assortment of stylish black pants. They had some great jewelry. None of the garments they sold would have been found in a department store, even one like Nordstrom’s. Nor do I think their clothing would be easily found online.

Plus, chatting with either of the two Ragazzi ladies — one was always on site — made a visit here warm and personal and fun. They knew all of their artist suppliers. The got to know your tastes, if you were a regular. They were masters at finding outfits that went together — something I’m not naturally good at. They were honest with you about whether what you tried on looked smashing, or whether the style or clingy fabric or color was actually not for you.

Jerry and Midge, Ben’s parents, are in town, and Midge wants to do some shopping. I went online to find the link for Flying Shuttle, and was startled to see that store is permanently closed. I walked by, just in case the message was in error. I’d swear I walked by the store recently, although perhaps not in the last month, and had no inkling it was going to close.

This is the only place in town I would have sent someone from New York, where the shopping options exceed ours by orders of magnitude.

Clearly I didn’t buy enough.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: More Pressure on Retail

  1. for J: I don’t buy many dressier clothes any more, but got a number of nice jackets here. I’ll miss the place.

  2. for J: I buy tons of stuff on Amazon, but curiously enough, not clothes. I still like to touch and feel and try things on.

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