Conscious Aging: Ready for Christmas

All my gifts are bought and either on their way to me for wrapping or already in house. Festive dinner plans are made. I’m listening to Christmas music on our local classical music radio station. My apartment is decorated with three huge red poinsettias, and with Archie’s two small “Grammie” Christmas trees.

Christmas is an easy holiday to love, as long as you have people to celebrate with. Having little ones who still believe in Santa is the best — their joy reinforces the belief that good things can come literally out of the sky, land on the roof, and slide down the chimney. That we often lived in a house growing up that had no chimney made not a whit of difference — we still believed. As it happens Archie and Else do have a chimney, and last year Archie was dead sure he heard the reindeer land on the roof. I get to sleep over on Christmas eve, enjoying one of his bunk beds — the bottom one I hope. He and I will listen for Santa’s reindeer together.

Ben arrived late Monday from Austin, and his parents Midge and Jerry arrived about the same time from New York. We’re anticipating ebelskivers on Christmas eve — Amy’s Danish family tradition — and raclet either on Christmas eve or for Christmas dinner. That’s a tradition of Ben’s Swiss German family. Presents on Christmas morning, after which Matt makes pancakes. Lots of love and good cheer all the way around, and I wish the same to you and yours.

8 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Ready for Christmas

  1. Merry holidays to you, Klainer West, and all gathering there! It sounds like you will have a grand group and many traditions to follow. Hope you get the bottom bunk! We’re off to PA, and will catch up with you in the new year.

  2. Oh excited to see and hear about Xmas eve again! Bunk pictures for sure!
    I have one believer ( but only because if you do you get more presents) and one “found out unfortunately” . Still a fun one! Enjoy the family and the little ones. Memories forever.

  3. for J: Memories forever indeed. I did Heifer project with both kids this year. I like it because the kids get to pick an animal to send to a poor family. They can understand that more than a “donation”. Else picked a sheep and Archie picked a hive of bees and three rabbits. With the bees the family can sell the honey. Not sure what you do with rabbits — eat them?

  4. He probobly didn’t think of that. They were probobly to cute to pass up. He may have been thinking they would be pets. Good idea for them, they will get older and understand it more.

  5. for J: Yes, I think they will understand more as they grow up. Sharing with others is taught, I believe, not something kids just do.

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