Lies about the Tax Bill

Secretary Mnuchin went on CNN on Sunday morning and flat out lied about the tax bill. This, from the Washington Post’s Finance 202:

“One year and two weeks ago, Steven Mnuchin went on CNBC witha bold claim about the incoming administration’s tax plan. Although the middle class would see significant relief, he said, “there will be no absolute tax cut for the upper class.” 

With the bill on the threshold of passing, the treasury secretary made the rounds again Sunday to drive the message home. On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Mnuchin argued tthe wealthy won’t be gaining at all under the plan. “The president was right. There are people who are rich people that are having their taxes going up,” he said. Responding on CBS’s “Face the Nation” to critiques from Republican lawmakers that the plan doesn’t fulfill the Trump team’s populist pledges, Mnuchin said, “I think that is just not correct… This is about the middle class. This is about working families.”

Except that it’s not. In between Mnuchin’s pledge last year and his latest claims, the administration worked with congressional Republicans to forge a package that delivers the bulk of its benefits to corporations and the wealthy.”

I detest Steve Mnuchin, and his “let them eat cake” bride Louise Linton. They are quintessential Trump sycophants, who seem to think the rest of us are complete morons who can be lied to at will. Gary Cohn at least has the grace to appear conflicted about his unqualified support of Trump’s mendacity.

The marvel that has me constantly shaking my head is the Rust belt America still thinks Trump and Mnuchin et al are on their side.

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