Amtrak Crash Outside Seattle

Some of you emailed to check that Klainer West is all accounted for when the Amtrak crash outside Seattle made national news. The crash was just south of Tacoma, and Tacoma is about 45 minutes south of us. No one I know was on the train, although we are all following the news reports closely and lamenting the loss of life and extensive injuries among the passengers who survived. Thank you to all for your concern.

The crash closed the I-5, a major highway, and it will probably remain closed for many days as the wreckage is cleared. That caused big traffic problems, although not so much here in Seattle.

I haven’t taken a train trip in years. I’m aware of the aged tracks and the failure to install technology that would slow trains as they approached an obstacle or if they went into turns at excess speed. I don’t suppose either of those will become a priority until train travel becomes more central to the way we get around. In the meantime, we watch CNN and shake our heads in disbelief as huge train cars are flung helter skelter like a toddler’s scattered toys.

2 thoughts on “Amtrak Crash Outside Seattle

  1. Glad no one in Klainer West was involved. When I think of train travel in Europe and other parts of the world, like Japan, it makes me ashamed of our country. I know someone who wants to Make America Great Again! He could have started with our decrepit infrastructure instead of this mass giveaway to the fortunate among us!

  2. for Ada: I feel that way when I land at one of our airports, as opposed to some of the stunningly beautiful ones abroad. Our infrastructure really is a mess.

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