Archie’s Gift: My New Christmas Tree

Those of you who read the blog regularly know that I asked Archie if he’d make me another popsicle-stick decorated Christmas tree, and he demurred. He’d done that in pre-school, and now he’s a big boy and doesn’t do baby projects like that any more.

But he took my request for a new Christmas tree seriously, and made me a gift of this one. 🙂

The popsicle-stick tree, which I still love, is to the right of my new sparkly gold tree.

4 thoughts on “Archie’s Gift: My New Christmas Tree

  1. for J: This isn’t something he made, which is why I’m so attached to the popsicle stick one, which he did. He saw this in Safeway floral department, and fell in love with it. He has some money of his own — grandpa sends him money in his birthday card, for example, so he wanted to buy this. Wasn’t terribly expensive, and both he and I were thrilled.

  2. for J: He doesn’t forget things. When I said I wanted him to make me a new tree, he found a way to get me one. He’s really very sweet.

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