Looking for a Gift Under $25

Ben’s family does a Secret Santa with gifts under $25, and since Jerry and Midge will be with us for this Christmas, we’re doing it here and I’m participating. Where did I go to look for a gift under $25? Amazon of course.

Here is the winner — which is not to say I’m getting this, just that I got the biggest kick out of the possibility:


It’s an automatic motions sensor inside-the-toilet-bowl LED night light. Very bright Blue.

Ranks right up there with The Clapper.

I can hear daughter Sara groaning as she reads this.

I didn’t say I was getting the inside-the-toilet-bowl bright blue light, just that I thought it was a hoot. šŸ™‚

Still looking for just the right gift.

4 thoughts on “Looking for a Gift Under $25

  1. Oh my goodness! Amazon is the best! Don’t make fun, I got the one that is multi color changing for my mom and Tom because they always need a night light! Always! As in it’s a huge issue if you don’t have anight light.

  2. for J: I love it!!!! I think my mother had the Clapper. If she didn’t have it, she wanted it and thought it was a great way to turn out the lights without getting out of bed.

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