Whoopi On Omarosa

Omarosa, for those of you who don’t know, is a reality TV star who made her name on the Apprentice with Trump. He repaid her by giving her a White House job paying 180K a year doing outreach to the black community. She’s intentionally outrageous, and her manner and lack of clear role is apparently not to Chief of Staff Kelly’s liking. She was ousted, and is now apparently prepping the media for her tell-all book tour. In her media appearances, she referred to “my people”, presumably meaning African Americans — most of whom can’t stand her and vehemently deny that she speaks for them.

There have been a lot of great put-downs of the arrogant Omarosa, that of the courageous and lovely Robin Roberts one of the best. But the star put-down belongs to Whoopi Goldberg, who said, “I hope she finds her people. Maybe they’re out looking for her.” 

It was funnier when Whoopi said it on TV, but you get the point. Whoopi was telling Omarosa that whatever she thinks she is, she’s no sistah.

I love Whoopi, and some people just deserve a public smack-down. There are lots of Trump hangers-on who should fade gently into that good night, Roy Moore being one, and Omarosa another. But don’t hold your breath. There is that book tour beckoning.

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