Conscious Aging: Decisive

I had a long telephone conversation with a family member who is starting up a consulting practice in charitable giving. As we talked, he observed that I seem to be a clear decision maker, one who makes the call and then moves on without too much agonizing.

I’m always curious about how people see or hear me — sometimes an observation fits my sense of self, and sometimes not. In this case, I would agree with this family member. I think being decisive is part of the entrepreneurial mentality, which is something I suspect is pretty hard wired in terms of cognitive styles. I’ve always felt that what I have to work with is what I have. Opportunities missed, wrong paths taken, are just that — missing links or diversions, but in any case not available to me. Whatever might have come of them won’t, so in a very real sense, they don’t matter except as cautionary tales of missteps I might avoid in the future.

If you ask me what I think, I’ll tell you — don’t ask if you don’t really want to hear. If you ask me to make a decision, I’ll make it — and I won’t be terribly interested in more than one post-mortem on whether the decision was right or not.

That style seems to persist even as I age, which is interesting to me. Some things stay the same, and this basic cognitive style seems to be one of them.


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