Post-Alabama Election: Not the Republicans Who are Changing

As giddy as some of us are about Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama, it’s important to note that Republican voters have not changed. They are still voting for their man, in this case for their accused pedophile, in overwhelming majorities. The Doug Jones victory simply means that Democrats and Independents are turning out to vote in larger numbers.

The fight for control of Congress in 2018, and for the presidency in 2020, can’t hinge on expecting Republicans to take a stand for decency. The fight is to turn out the vote among people who already value decency in our elected leaders, in our American culture, and in our day-to-day  dealings with each other.

That is clearly not the party of Trump, Ryan, McConnell, the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, the Mercers, and the rest of the Republican fold.

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