4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: A Rose

  1. for Landscapearchitecture: Karen is a most prolific gardener. I’m not sure roses bloom here everywhere and under everyone’s hand, but they do in Karen’s Garden.

  2. Beautiful rose! Do love Judy Collins. We are frozen here in NYC. It’s 23 degrees and we got 2 inches of snow today. It’s our 2nd snowfall this week. Looks like Seattle has better weather.

  3. for Katie: I think we do, at least for the moment, have better weather than you have in NY. I always liked the first snowfall when I lived in Rochester, but not so much after that, especially after the kids were grown. When they were little, I dutifully got snowpants and warm gear and went out to play with them. Later in life, snow is pretty much an impediment to safe travel, either on foot or in the car.

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