Follow-Up: The Importance of Water

I recently wrote a blog post about a woman who was washing out her underwear in the sink at the Y in downtown Seattle. Then this article appeared, and the content struck me as related.

The city of Tacoma, just about an hour south of Seattle, has recognized the dire need for water accessibility for their homeless population, and has taken concrete steps to provide it.

I suppose it’s a question of human decency. Do we recognize the homeless among us, and at least make some attempt to provide them with the basics of a dignified existence at public expense? Or do we look the other way.

Paul Ryan and the Republicans are hell-bent on stripping away any funds for people on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder, their moralistic belief apparently being that if you make poverty miserable enough, people will get up and go to work.

Living without access to clean water, sinks and toilets on a daily basis already sounds sufficiently miserable to me.

2 thoughts on “Follow-Up: The Importance of Water

  1. A society should be judged by how they treat their most vulnerable populations. The US is doing a poor job. If the tex bill actually comes to fruition, we will be amongst the most unethical societies.

  2. for Katie: Couldn’t agree more. There is a distinctly moralistic edge to the Republican position, ie if you’re poor, you’re not trying hard enough. I find it smug and despicable.

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