Is Hot Dog a Sandwich?

I want your quick gut reaction: is a hot dog a sandwich, or no?

A neighborhood coffee shop offers a modest menu of lunch items, like soup and sandwiches and salad. As I got coffee and a bagel one morning during last week, the server manning the register asked me just that question: Quick reaction, yea or nay. Is a hot dog a sandwich? She said they were taking a poll.

Apparently the place is considering adding a hot dog under their sandwich offerings, and regulars are giving them the business over it, presumably tongue-in-cheek. A hot dog, say the majority, is not a sandwich.

I doubt that what patrons think one way or another will be the deciding factor. But I was happy to weigh in — no, I don’t think of a hot dog as a sandwich. I can’t tell you why, because it is legitimately a chunk of protein encased in bread and with condiments. That probably fits the definition of a sandwich. Regardless, a hot dog is a hot dog, and not a sandwich.

Your vote?

8 thoughts on “Is Hot Dog a Sandwich?

  1. I think a hot dog on a bun is a specialty sandwich. A plain hot dog is a type of sausage. If you don’t think a hot dog is a sandwich, are you saying a hot dog is a category of it’s own?

    Mary M

  2. Not a sandwich … agree with you… although, by sandwich definition it meets criteria, it is a hotdog … On a side note I would not have any issues if it was in a menu section under the sandwich label, just do not consider it actually a sandwich and to Mary’s question I do think a hotdog is in a category of its own.

  3. A hot dog fits my description of a sandwich though I can’t think of an occasion where I would order one, not even at a ballgame!

  4. for Mary: I think I come at it with an east coast framework — and a Seattle one too — where there are discreet hot dog stands or shops with a full menu of hot dogs. You wouldn’t expect to find a hot dog on offer at a sandwich shop, or a sandwich on offer at a hot dog stand. Yes, a category of its own. 🙂

  5. for Bryna: As I said to Mary, I think it’s a coastal thing. We’re used to seeing a menu of hot dog options, and yes, a hot dog is its own thing.

  6. for Joyce: Ah, not a fan. Have you ever had a New York pushcart hot dog with all the trimmings? A gastronomic delight, as long as you don’t focus too much on what went into the hot dog itself.

  7. No way. Not a sandwhich. A push cart item, a ball park tradition, a thing all in its own. We once went Iin a hot dog shop in Tennessee ( yes we went into one and they have a hot dog special for each and every state.)
    Not a sandwhich.

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