The Alabama Special Election: A Sliver of Hope

Alabama voters pride themselves on making up their own minds according to their own values and culture — which, for Republicans, brought forth an accused pedophile to be a candidate for U.S.  Senator.

Roy Moore’s Alabama is George Wallace Alabama, the Birmingham Church bombing Alabama, the Montgomery bus boycott Alabama, lynching Alabama, Brown v. Board of Education Alabama. Doug Jones is the Alabama of the future.

Improbably, Democrat Doug Jones appears to have the win in this ruby red state. But the good old boys of Alabama are not conceding defeat, are demanding a recount. The law in Alabama requires a recount if the margin of victory is within .5%, but the margin here appears larger. The Moore campaign can ask for a recount in any case if they pay for it.

I think it’s called being a poor sport. I also think it’s a preview of what Trump will do if Robert Mueller finds cause either for indictment or impeachment, and the Congress carries out the latter. I think Trump would simply refuse to honor the findings.

These people are truly nihilists, willing to burn down the house if they don’t win.

I’m still cautiously optimistic and elated about Doug Jones. I say the victory sticks. It’s a sliver of hope in an otherwise dark time.

2 thoughts on “The Alabama Special Election: A Sliver of Hope

  1. As of the morning, it looks like the 21,000 vote margin will negate a recount.
    Proud of Alabama for doing the right thing! Did you see the newspaper cover with a picture of Moore riding in to vote with the headline “Screw you and the horse you rode in on?”

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