Panama 2017: Minga at Home

My sister Wendy sent me this Facebook pic of Minga. The most encouraging thing about it is that she’s home, on her front patio, in her rocking chair.  That means the daughter who has been insistent that Minga stay in the city and get used to her fate is being less rigid and obstructionist. I’m happy to see that the compromise Minga was able to articulate is working: She’ll stay in the city during the week and get dialysis there as long as they will take her home from late Saturday until early Tuesday.

Not sure about the hat — she doesn’t usually wear one. If I were guessing, I’d suspect that either her hair has grown too long for her taste and she hasn’t had a chance to get it cut, or that her dark black color needs refreshing. Minga always, always cares a lot about how she looks.

6 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Minga at Home

  1. for J: I know she does love being at home. She is very proud of her home — during the younger years when I knew her, she struggled mightily to keep a roof over her children’s head. Now, she has a real home, and they are all welcome there. It makes me smile to see her there.

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