What To Do About DACA

Congress is divided on what to do about the Dreamers, the undocumented young people who were brought here as children and have lived as Americans for many years. Given the intense partisanship that seems to infect everything, I think it’s entirely possible that a DACA fix proves elusive and those young people start getting thrown out of the country in droves.

If I were Mexico, I’d make an explicit, very positive and upbeat pitch for those 800,000 healthy, well educated, ambitious, entrepreneurial and service oriented young people and their families. I’d announce that Mexico invites them home, wants them to come and be the driving force in a new, revitalized Mexican economy. I’d make a big pitch to Jeff Bezos for Amazon HQ2, so they’d have work. I’d expedite their citizenship, subsidize their language classes, give them housing and resettlement assistance. Most of all, I’d make them feel wanted, feel like the vanguard of something big and new and exciting. I’d extend the offer to all the DACA kids, not just the ones of Mexican heritage.

While the Trumpian part of the U.S. is thumbing its nose at people with brown skin, I’d make the sense of being wanted by Mexico the central focus of the appeal. Looking at those kids as an asset, not as alien invaders, is the way to go.

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