Trump and Jerusalem

Trump revels in doing what everyone tells him not to do — like unilaterally declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel and move our embassy there. He likes to throw red meat to his base; Evangelical Christians think the rapture will occur in Jerusalem and the Jews will be instantaneously converted and they and Evangelical Christians will be subsumed into heaven. Trump is transactional. There is no grand strategy for Mideast peace, just an impulse to pander to Sheldon Adelson, who gave Trump a lot of money during his campaign.

Trump has thrown the Palestinians under the bus, and made clear that the United States is no longer a neutral broker of the peace process. Trump has put his thumb heavily on the scale in favor of the Israelis. I hope the Palestinians can find allies in the Arab world, countries who will stand with them in their decades long effort to achieve an independent state. They are no less deserving that the Israelis to have a place in which they can build a secure future for themselves and their children.

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