How People Read the Blog

A cluster of you are daily readers. Some check in and out, reading a few posts then taking a hiatus. And some of you, like my friend J., are binge or cluster readers. Your busy lives don’t allow for daily reading, but when you do check in you catch up on all the posts you’ve missed — and often comment on many. On those days, I get a notice from WordPress that my Stats Are Booming!

I’m grateful for all of you who read in any manner, but a special shout out for J. and my booming stats for Wednesday.

I’m also especially joyful when I get a comment from someone I think is still reading but haven’t seen in awhile. Ben, I loved your comment about enjoying your Christmas lights along with your morning coffee. You and Else are kindred spirits. 🙂

4 thoughts on “How People Read the Blog

  1. Your blog is the first thing I read every morning, with very few exceptions. Never mistake my lack of comments as disinterest.

  2. for Frances: You are part of my core group of readers, the ones who read every day. I’m very grateful for your interest and support, and never take it lightly! Most of my regular readers don’t comment. But I do know you are out there.

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