Advent Calendars and Star Wars and Disney

I need to have readers check my memory here since I’m no longer religious, but didn’t Advent Calendars used to have something to do with the Christian religious season prior to Christmas known as Advent? Weren’t Advent Calendars a religious thing? Didn’t you open up a pop-out window every day and get a bible verse or a Wise Men or coming of Baby Jesus thing?

Not now. Archie’s is a Legos Star Wars Advent Calendar. Each day he gets a small Lego toy to put together. Else’s is a Disney Friends Advent Calendar, ditto with the small Lego toy.

I think it’s fine, and the kids enjoy their calendars very much. I just wonder how Christianity and the birth of Baby Jesus lost out to Batman and Disney.

4 thoughts on “Advent Calendars and Star Wars and Disney

  1. Don’t remember calendar. Only the advent wreath where we lit a candle each Sunday for the four weeks of Advent. But this was not part of MY childhood, but my CHILDRENS’

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