Men Behaving Badly

Powerful men who are now falling like dominoes — with the exception of Trump and those in Congress — seem astounded that women didn’t find their sexual advances thrilling. The men’s denials, and even their apologies when they come, reflect that self-absorbed perspective: “I’m sorry if she didn’t like what I did. I thought what we had was consensual.” Really?

We need to do a whole lot better job educating young men — and young women — about boundaries related to sexual expression. That means saying, quite bluntly, “You and your sexual urges are not God’s gift to the world, not there to inflict on any woman who happens to grab your attention.” I really think it has to be as blunt as that.

4 thoughts on “Men Behaving Badly

  1. You bet, it’s just a delicate talk, and one that takes more than one time saying. It takes a way of life to teach them right from wrong, set examples, kindspa lie monkey see monkey do. They see so much from a young age, it builds in them. Hopefully we are doing it right. So they know with a sixth sense, hey that’s not right.

  2. for J: Yup, I think it is more than a one time conversation. And it’s not only talk — it’s what they see every day in their own home, about how Mom and Dad treat each other, whether there’s an enduring respect there that never goes away, even with the normal kerfluffles of a marriage.

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