Panama 2017: Dump Trump?

There’s a Trump hotel and condo project right along the waterfront in Panama City, and according to Bloomberg the building is trying to dump the Trump name as bad for business. The Trump organization is fighting the move. As seems to be common with anything associated withTrump, there is a basic disagreement about facts. The hotel/condo says business is way down. The Trumps say the place is outperforming the market and is a great success.

The number of people I know in Panama is small relative to the total population, and I don’t hang out with the rich folks. But the ordinary people I know loved the Obamas for their warmth, their deep family values, and the fact that they were strong, successful people of color in the White House. The Panamanians have no such warm feelings for the Trumps. They hear talk of a wall along the Mexican border as an affront not only to Mexicans, but to them. They know Trump disdains people of color, immigrants, and the poor. They wonder how the American people they admire so much could have elected such a hate-filled man.

You know how hard these conversations are for me.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2017: Dump Trump?

  1. Trumps arrogance, ignorance and prejudice has dana fed America’s International reputation. I tell my International friends that, in fact, the majority of Americans did not elect him. Unfortunately, our indirect democracy doesn’t allow us to elect the president directly. The Electoral College is a remnant of colonial times. Additionally, there was political sabotage from Russia and the US which contributed. Sad.

  2. for Katie: He is as bad as he looked before election, and that was very bad. He and his minions are costing us dearly around the world. Everyone, absolutely everyone who works in his administration is tainted.

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