Republican Tax Bill

I have to give Republicans credit for consistent ideology — even when experience and factual analysis prove them wrong over and over. Kansas enacted a tax policy similar to the one moving through Congress now, and it has been a disaster for the state. Lo and behold, when you don’t collect enough tax revenue, public services like elementary and secondary schools fall apart. The notion that a huge burst in economic vitality will fix the problem is a myth — things just fall apart. Wisconsin under Governor Scott Walker is now the second case in point: big tax cuts, no economic boom, and no money for deteriorating public services.

I suppose Republicans will get this terrible tax bill through Congress, and Trump will sign it. I’ll get a tax cut, a lot of ordinary Americans won’t — and they voted for Trump, while I did not. He thinks they’ll continue to love him anyway, and with elections coming up in 2018, we’ll see.

Mr. “King of Debt” is perfectly comfortable running up the national debt — I still think he has in mind to default on America’s debt, or to threaten a default, just as he did repeatedly in his real estate business. Congressional Republicans are, despite their protestations, comfortable with it because making the debt rise to scary proportions allows them to cut Medicare and Social Security — something Paul Ryan has wanted to do for a long time.

As I keep saying, I wish Democrats would add the last half of the sentence that Republicans keep leaving out: “We’re letting you keep more of your hard earned money” and “so that you can pay for your own health care and retirement. If you can’t save enough, tough on you.”

People who back Trump keep wanting the rest of us to think they are not stupid. Now would be the time to demonstrate that. Maybe people really don’t care about Social Security and Medicare, but those programs are on the chopping block next.

We’ll see, when the time comes, if people really care.

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