Melania As First Lady?

Vanity Fair has an interesting piece by journalist Sarah Ellison which makes the assertion that Melania Trump is not all that happy being First Lady and living in the White House. The story has been strenuously denied by the White House — not by Melania directly, of course, since she rarely speaks. Donald speaks for her.

I have to say that Melania, when we see her behind her dark glasses, doesn’t look as if she’s having much fun. And, she’s married to Trump. What a devil’s bargain that must be for an upward climbing immigrant former model.

The article made me think about how much difficulty Trump has with strong, outspoken women like Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. They get into his head. His first wife, Ivana, was like that — and he divorced her. His women are all of a type, even his daughters, and they stand silently by him looking on with deference and adoration. No one would ever call Hillary “a nice piece of ass”, which is how Trump has described what he likes in a female companion. Et tu, Melania.

As I said, Melania doesn’t look as if the White House holds a candle to her posh gilded digs in New York, where she could have the life of a wealthy socialite without the obligations and public scrutiny of her performance as First Lady.

If I ever had a chance to talk with Melania, I’d say simply and with no little sympathy, “Well, we didn’t want you either.”

2 thoughts on “Melania As First Lady?

  1. The woman also doesn’t seem to smile. On yesterday’s news I saw a clip of her doing Christmas crafts with children and she was smiling and having a good time with them….but that’s a rarity.

  2. for Phyllis: No, she doesn’t smile much. I’ve rarely seen her smile, which adds to the impression that she’s not happy.

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