Getting to Know Seattle: Quick Turn Toward Christmas

On Friday I walked through Pike Place Market on the way to my exercise session at the downtown Y, and noted the quick turn toward the next holiday in the form of lights and wreaths and garlands in Christmas green and red being set in place by a small army of workers. Santa also appeared.

Thanksgiving fades as quickly as the leftovers that we all take home. We’re soon on to the next… the next feast, the next holiday celebration.

The kids are easy to buy for, of course, and fun. But it gets harder and harder to buy for friends and family around my age, because none of us needs much any more. I try to give experiences, like a dinner out, or a donation, if I think that will matter, or time together — something that builds on the fabric of friendship rather than a thing for which a place needs to be found.

How about you? Has your gift-giving changed over the years? Curious to hear.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Quick Turn Toward Christmas

  1. Recently, I have come up with a new idea of buying gifts for my beloved ones, which appeared to be pretty pleasing, found amazing for many… As one can guess, and you mentioned it, buying a gift has become hell of a burden, for the reasons, needless to say. I went to a gas station and asked them whether or not I could buy gas as a gift for my nephew (‘s car). I would pay them and then my nephew would stop over for gas!!! The cashier was surprised to hear that and she accepted my offer saying it would be a wonderful idea saving the person to buy gift from all that gift-buying chaos… I’m planning to ask big gas companies to think about such a commercial, which I think, would be a big hit. 🙂

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