6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2017: Spatchcocked Turkey

  1. for Phyllis: Well, the carving isn’t the traditional long thin slices from the breast — rather, more in thicker pieces. The dark meat was carved more or less the same as a traditionally cooked bird. Matt put some sort of butter and spice rub on top — that’s what you see that got so dark, almost burned looking. But those who love turkey skin said it was delicious.

  2. for Wendy: Do you remember that he did our turkey in a brown bag with Crisco smeared on the inside? For about the last 20 minutes he’d tear open the bag so the skin would brown. We had lovely moist turkeys, white meat and dark, every year without fail. Our mother loved turkey, so they did turkey for Thanksgiving and then turned around and did the whole thing again for Christmas.

  3. for J: You know, you might like to try it sometime. With the right deboning knife to take out the backbone and neck, it’s not hard to do. The bird cooks more evenly, and more quickly — couple of hours at the most. It sure was delicious. Very moist. No dry white meat.

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