16 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving 2017

  1. You can have all the rest. Just give me mashed potatoes and giblet gravy! Must be the Irish part of me!
    Several years ago, Bob and I were having dinner with my three cousins and their spouses in the UK. We had roast beef, roast potatoes, and a green vegetable. As the meal ended, we looked around at our plates. All the spouses had a little bit of each food to finish up. All the cousins only had the potatoes. We save the best for last – and we laughed about it. Is there a potato loving gene! I wonder!

  2. for Phyllis: Thanks, and the same to you and Art. Did you see Matt’s spatchcock turkey? Never heard of it before. He loves to try new turkey prep recipes.

  3. for Ada: I do think there is a potato loving gene, and it’s Irish. Mashed potatoes are still the go-to comfort food for me, just as rice is for the Panamanians. Matt does fancy ones for Thanksgiving, with garlic or horseradish freshly ground. Mmmm…..

  4. Just give me plain with the right amount of milk and lots of butter. Have a great day and say hello to my two former students and their families, Look forward to reconnecting in person in 2018 🙂

  5. for Ada: Absolutely! Look forward to 2018. And I love that you taught both of my kids. Adds a very personal note to your comments. Part of the deep joy of longtime friendship.

  6. Stuffing and gravy with homemade cranberry sauce. And this year, my daughter’s beautiful pear tart and pumpkin pie. Well balanced, don’t you think? All the best to the Klainer clan.

  7. Good food is definitely important, but good company is even more so. Last year was truly memorable chez Klainer in Seattle. This year we are in San Antonio with my sister, brother and extended family. And tonight I discovered this blog which has such wonderful photos and stories about Ben and Sara. Jerry and I are both reading away and loving it! ❤️Midge

  8. for Midge: Great to hear from you. We miss you but are glad you are with family. See you at Christmas! Looking forward to raclet.

  9. for Linda: Pear tart sounds lovely. We had an abundance of desserts, as usual — all wonderful. Best to you and Sid and family as well.

  10. for Wendy: Haven’t had that cauliflower dish in years. With you on the mashed potatoes and biscuit, though. 🙂

  11. Yes, I know about spatchcocking a turkey, but have never done it. Matt’s looked huge and wonderful! Some years ago there was a fad for “turducken” ?sp – I think started by Paula Deen or someone. You started with a turkey, with a duck inside and a hen/chicken inside the duck. I think they used something like the spatchcocking process on all, then bundled everything together and trussed it. After roasting, it was sliced so you got a taste of all the meats. It sounded like too much work for me!

  12. for Phyllis: Matt said the spatchcocking wasn’t hard — helped that he bought the right knife. I remember the turducken craze — sounded like way too much work to me too. The turkey came out very well.

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