Republican Tax Bill

The Republican tax bill is really bad for the bottom 50% of the country — many Trump voters among them. The only way those voters can support the bill is for Trump to convince them that up is down and blue is green — which he apparently retains the capacity to do. I briefly clicked on a CNN link that showed a Trump voter saying he’d believe Trump over Jesus Christ, if Jesus came down from the cross and appeared right in front of him. That’s really something — dare I say deplorably ignorant and foolish?

Republicans in Congress are supporting the bill, pundits say, because they want a win at any cost and don’t want to have to include Democrats in the negotiations.

The Trump administration is terrible on trade — TPP is moving on without us, and NAFTA probably will too. The administration is terrible on tax policy, which is going to hurt the voters considered to be the core Trump base.

The question I have is “how bad does it have to get before people believe their own experience over the persuasive power of a con man?” Without a doubt, we’re going to see.

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