Panama November 2017: Mileybus

Minga is, as she often says, rich in family. That includes her great-granddaughter Mileybus. Miley is fourteen, a lovely young woman. She’s smart, and studious — she won a scholarship to a good private high school, which offers her a better future. She is not rebellious; the grandparents who are raising her, Ana and Raoul, are strict, and she responds. The smile you see on her face is there pretty much all the time.

Next May Miley celebrates her cumpleaneros — her 15th birthday. Rich Panamanian girls have a huge party that can cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. There isn’t that kind of money here — Miley will have a small family celebration. Likely Ana, who is a skilled seamstress, will make her a pretty dress.

I’m thinking of a small gift I can wrap up and bring, to add to Miley’s special day.

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