Panama November 2017: Visit from Teri

Teri is #3 of Minga’s nine offspring. Roberto Delgado is her father — she resembles him more than any of the other kids. Teri is the mother of Jennisbel, Jennifer, and Jorge. She is the grandmother of Jeorgethe, Josue, Grisbel, Grisel, and Shari.

Teri has worked at the Hippodrome — the racetrack — taking bets for 36 years. She can retire in 2018. She will keep her home in the city, and she also has a small place on on the plot of Delgado land next to the highway, where my old house is located. Jennifer has a house there, and Jorge, and Daira. Teri will go back and forth between the two places.

She came to the hotel to have lunch with us. One by one I’m making the case to Minga’s offspring that although her kidneys have failed, her mind hasn’t, and that being overprotective and treating her like a child isn’t helping her quality of life. Minga knows clearly what she wants in terms of the time she is willing to be in the city where she has a dialysis slot, and the time she wants to be home. Teri agreed, at least in theory, that the decision is Minga’s.

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