Panama November 2017: Hands

Minga is building her life around the very intrusive dialysis 3x weekly. Part of that is being able to talk about things she wants to talk about and having someone listen.  She wants a break from matters connected with dialysis. She wants a break from being a kidney failure patient.

Yesterday at breakfast she recounted to me in great detail a TV movie she’d seen about the Passion of Christ — who knows when. She recounted every bit of the plot — remember that she doesn’t read, so film has great power for her. She held my hand the whole time. I have no idea why she wanted to tell me about the Passion of Christ, but I listened to every word.

4 thoughts on “Panama November 2017: Hands

  1. What beautiful “soul sisters” you are. You give the gifts of healing presence and listening! I wonder if Minga’s recounting of the Passion of Christ movie brings meaning to her own lived experience now with renal failure and dialysis? On another note, since she enjoys movies, finding a way for her to spend time watching movies would be interesting. I’m sure there’s no Netflix in Panama.

  2. for Katie: You know, I think you’re right about the Passion of Christ. It initially came out of left field, but of course what she is experiencing is a very real parallel to the Passion story. Thanks for the pickup. No Netflix in Panama, and very limited TV — mostly telenovelas, soccer, and the national lottery.

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