Panama November 2017: Good Wishes from Minga

Minga wishes all of those who have sent her good wishes and are praying for her to know that she is very appreciative, very proud to have so many friends in America who have given her the honor of visiting her home and coming to know her family.

She is standing over my shoulder as I write, telling me what to say.

She is the only one in the village who has many American friends who love her and respect her, and this makes her feel very special and very important. She says that she is not rich in things or in money, but she is rich in friends and family.

She says that you should not worry about her, because she is very strong and she has not lost the will to live and she will keep fighting every day. Additionally, she is a person of great faith since childhood and she never gives up believing that God and the Virgin and the Saints are looking out for her.

Minga didn’t exactly say “looking out for”; I think she said “watching over her”. You get the idea. 🙂

Minga doesn’t usually smile in pics, but I told her that if she doesn’t smile you will all worry about her — so she did.

She sends you her love and good wishes, her prayers that God will bless and protect you. She awaits you in Panama and you will always be welcome in her home. She has to do no more than gather strength in her body to be able to cook sancocho for you in her own kitchen.

She believes that God will give her the strength to do this. She thinks of you often, and knows that you think of her as well. She will ask also that the Virgin watch over you.

10 thoughts on “Panama November 2017: Good Wishes from Minga

  1. Thank you, Minga, for your kind words to all of us. It has been a pleasure to know you and your family, and to be in the warm hospitality of your home. You make a great sancocho! Wishing you good health and strength.

  2. We are all blessed to have Minga in our lives. I feel like I belong to a broader International family with a Panama contingent.

    Muchas gracias y amore a Minga y familia!!

  3. for Katie: I love your large, multicultural family — with connections here in Panama, in China, in the Philipines, Scotland, and where else?

  4. I can see this so clearly! And Minga, I hope you believe that you brighten the lives of those far away. Some of that love comes from your faith — and some because of the woman you are, who we cherish.

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