Panama November 2017: Visit from Angel

Angel is 52; he’s the son of Minga and Roberto Delgado — the sixth eldest. He has three sons: Robertito, Armando, and Angel, and a daughter Solangel. He has five grandchildren, all little girls whom he adores and says are a handful when they are together. His companera is a Columbian woman named Magnolia; they’ve been together for six years.

Angel is a wonderful, caring son, father, uncle, grandfather and spouse. He and I have a great relationship, and I was very happy indeed to see him. I’m getting to see more of the family than expected during this short trip, because they are making the effort to come. I am very touched and honored.


2 thoughts on “Panama November 2017: Visit from Angel

  1. I remember Angel when he was Angelito back in the 1970s. So glad that he has a wonderful family and that you two connected on this trip. Please say hola to him and also to Lilly.

  2. for Wendy: Angelito it is. Do you remember the pic of Robertito you sent me? He’s actually Angel’s eldest son. I try to keep the family tree straight, but I was only remembering Armando, Angel, and Sol. Robertito is their brother, the eldest.

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