Panama November 2017: First Cohort

Minga was called in the first cohort, the last one at #14. Someone said that a #24 had gotten in with the first group, ahead of others — and about 20 of the waiting patients and their companions erupted, demanding fairness in loud voices. Lily’s attention is drawn there.  I was hoping she’d push Minga through the door before she got bumped by one of the angry people insisting that the line jumper be ejected and they be let in. Minga did get in, and the busy nurses paid no attention whatsoever to the protest.

Turns out it was all a misunderstanding anyway. Lily explained to me later that Minga was originally #24, but she got advanced in the line because she was older than many who were waiting. She was #24, then #14. So there was no injustice or line jumping at all.

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