Panama November 2017: Birthday Dinner

Yesterday was Lily’s birthday, and she spent the entire day taking care of her grandmother, and me. Lily is a remarkably kind and generous soul.

When we got back to the hotel, Minga fell asleep and slept through — we were unable to wake her other than briefly to say she wanted to skip dinner. She’d eaten after dialysis, and was more tired than hungry. Lily and I went downstairs and had a lovely dinner, then a birthday cake. The hotel wait staff sang Happy Birthday!

The day was really very hard for me, and to Lily’s astonishment, I had two glasses of wine. She lined up all the glasses on the table and had me take a pic as if I had wine from all of them. Not true — only two. 🙂

When we got back from the hospital Lily insisted that I shower and wash my hair and put all of my clothes into the laundry bag — because who knows what clung to me from being there. Minga and she did the same. I followed directions, as there is a certain folk wisdom in what she had to say.

2 thoughts on “Panama November 2017: Birthday Dinner

  1. for Phyllis: Lily’s friends are also going to give her a party after I leave. I invited them here, but the hotel is far enough from the city center that it’s hard for them to get here.

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